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Considerations When Choosing Flooring
Your Personal Life Style and Resistance to Moisture are the two major considerations when selecting floors.  Hardwood or carpeting does not handle moisture well.  
The flooring for your bath or kitchen must consider that factor.  A second consideration in a Florida Home with a concrete slab floor is the presence of the water table
year round.   Carpets that are set over slabs usually have less than an 8 year life because of mold that develops from condensate on the concrete slab that develops
when we open the windows in the fall, winter and spring.

In Florida there are two other tropical factors that should be considered.  Those are the powerful ultra violet rays that our sunny days direct on the floor by any window.  
Carpets will fade quickly from that source.   The other consideration is the effect of our high water table.  Because moist earth is usually less than one foot below the
floor slab the slab is usually moist.  This will cause carpet to mold and wood flooring to “Cup” at the joints.
Bathroom Flooring
Bathroom flooring must be resistant to moisture.  Carpet surfaces
promote mildew growth and encourage sub-floor infestation by carpenter
ants and termites.  Except for the 'bamboo manufactured flooring', most
wood flooring will gap, warp and 'cup' around the edge of the tub, shower
or toilet.  Porcelain ceramic tiles with a matte glaze are the best suited
material for bathroom flooring.  
As a technical note, bathroom flooring should never be installed directly
over wood sub-flooring.  Over time repeated moisture intrusion from
Florida humidity changes and spills and leakage will cause the wood to
expand and contract.  Eventually the inflexible ceramic or marble tile floor
will work loose if it is not set on a base of 1/4 " Hardi Backer Board that
has been installed over a wood sub-floor using glue and screws.

These are some examples of the many ways that we can skillfully
combine materials to produce an award willing bath within your budget.
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Kitchen Flooring
Your Personal Style in Cabinets, Your Family Life Style and Resistance to Moisture are the three considerations
our design team must understand when they help you sort through the vast selection of appropriate flooring that
we can provide for your kitchen.  

It is important to understand that the most common cause of home flooding is the supply line to the refrigerator
ice-maker.  That said, high quality American hardwood flooring and manufactured wood flooring with Aluminum
Oxide surfaces now make wood a popular kitchen flooring surface.  Quality wood flooring is guaranteed for 20 to
30 years but it will require refinishing every 8 years and it will require resurfacing if it is ever flooded with water.  
Quality porcelain ceramic tile installed correctly in the most moisture resistant and wear-resistant surface
available and it can be amortized over 30 to 40 years of hard use.  Porcelain or ceramic tile floors are the best
surfaces for kitchens and that is why all commercial kitchens have tile floors.  Laminate flooring should not be
considered in the parts of the kitchen floor that will occasionally get wet or need to resist high traffic.
Choosing a Flooring Material for Your Home
Ceramic and Porcelain Wood Plank Flooring
The Tuscany Tile Showroom sold and installed wood flooring for 11 years.  As the ceramic industry developed a
digitally glazed  wood pattern 4” X 36” ceramic plank flooring with no warping,  we gave floor space to their products.  
Within a year our sales of wood flooring became so minimal that we decided to remove the displays from our
showroom in 2009.  

The Advantage of Ceramic and Porcelain Wood Plank Flooring

1.        The surface is more wear resistant than Granite and very "Low maintenance".
2.        Pets, Children and Parties will not stain the surface.
3.        Immersion in water will not affect the appearance or the bond of wood plank tile to the sub-floor.
4.        Continuous exposure to sunlight has no affect upon the appearance of the glaze.
5.        Our Installers have never been called to repair a Ceramic Wood Plank Floor.
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The “Wood Plank Look” in Flooring
Finished Wood flooring dates back to the first “Change-Orders” that Phoenician women gave to their husbands.  A
wood floor has a warmth and resiliency that most other materials lack.  Until 1980 thick ¾” hardwood flooring was the
preferred product in most of the United States.  It was the flooring that most Floridians lived with up north.  Rising
construction costs, shortages of timber and new technology caught up with the wood flooring industry in the 80’s. “Pre-
finished Engineered Hardwood Flooring” rapidly gained popularity.  “Engineered Flooring” is marine grade plywood
with a hardwood wear surface.  It is produced in 3/8” to ½” thickness pre-finished in interlocking planks that range from
3 foot to 5 feet in length and it is glued down to the sub-floor.  An engineered floor has minimal, if any expansion or
contraction and is superior to traditional ¾” solid wood floors in the humid waterfront areas of the South.